The application built from our iApp Foundary for Musicans introduces a brand new method for listening to music on your iPad/iPhone. Give your fans the experiences lost in music distribution with the wonderful experience of listening to your favorite music while gazing at booklets, photos, lyrics, and other information.
The concept of iApp Foundary for Musicans is designed to give the musician flexible customizability and with it, musicians can create applications that match their original view of the world. It will depend on you if you make your album or your discography into an application and what you make of it.
Make an attractive application for your fans!
True Native App
The quality of the finished product is nothing but the true native application. We're set to work on tuning absolutely on demand ourselves! That is the true quality of this app while making a significant difference compared to other cheap services that mostly offer only a dedicated browser and simple rendering HTML or RSS in reality.
Low Price
"I want to make an application for our own band." However, you also know that application development costs a fortune. We offer an application with features that musicians need for their promotion at a bargain price! With our maintenance ticket system, you don't have to worry about anything (even when Apple Inc. releases the latest iOS or new devices).
Quick Service / AppStore
To develop applications requires not only money but a lot of time. However, we make it possible to deliver your applications fast! If you order today, the test version will be working on your iPad or iPhone in about a week. The complete version will be available on AppStore and delivered all over the world in two to three weeks.
Production Process / Order
We explain production the flow here as you complete your order of the application as well as understanding how it is distributed on AppStore all over the world.
You can also place your order from this page.
Get the Demo App Here!

Download iApp Foundary for Musicians building demo application from AppStore.
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