Powerful & Visually Appealing but Diverse & Portable Booklet
The beautiful, powerful, but also portable booklet feature make up the main characteristic of the app. You can view artwork and pictures of your albums on the iPad's large screen. The landscape mode provides the facing-pages view while the portrait mode provides a one page view. It also has the basic features such as page turning. Page turning functions by flicking or using the left and right buttons and the pinch-in movements that are already familiar to iPad and iPhone users.
The iPad gives you a more possibly overwhelming impact than actual CD quality while the iPhone makes your work portable. Try going out with your booklet and music in your pocket at the same time!
Audio Playback
Wonderful Combination with iPod
Audio playback works with music from the iPod app on the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone.
If your music is in the users' iPod, the music can be played. The users can enjoy your albums more than ever while they browse through your booklet.
Sample Album before Purchase
If your music is not in the user's iPod, the sample file can be played. You might want to put your music on iTunes so that users can purchase your music there. Of course, users can go to the purchase screen of iTunes with one tap.
Info Panel
The Flexibility of the App puts YOU in Control!
Information panel is one which you can set the "information button" anywhere on the booklet and you can call up the information. For instance, you can insert the Japanese lyrics, the explanation of songs or the profiles of members who recorded the album. If you make discography application, it may be wonderful to put you history into the each album.
You can store files of text foramt or HTML.

Moreover, you can jump to Safari or Youtube from here. You can even mails the information inside the panel.

By putting various information here, you can add some attractiveness which conventional CD booklet didn't have and is original to digital booklet.

In the background of information panel, you can set any phots or color and customize them for each panel. In addition, you can select animation while you log in or out the panel.
Right now to the page that wants to see, right now the song that want to listen
Arbitrary music can be direct played and stopped from the list of inclusion musical pieces, or it can jump to the page of the musical piece. There are artwork mode and a list mode in a track list, and I can choose the favorite one.
Playing Indicator
The musical piece information under present playing is displayed on a playback indicator. The format is arbitrary and can set the item which you can display in an artist name / album name / a title of a musical composition / total time / playing time / the remaining time. In addition, an indicator has the list of total stop button trucks summons button a total playback button, too.
It supports two types of playback: one-shot and playlist. With one-shot playback, only the selected track is played when you press the play button. With playlist playback, once one track has finished playing, the next track is automatically played, in the order of your predefined playlist. You can choose whichever method you prefer depending on your application.
AirPlay Mirroring
The AirPlay mirroring functionality can be used to project the booklet onto a big TV screen, providing a new way of enjoying yourself with friends and family. Let's enjoy the music and the artwork in a much bigger, louder way! (Requires an iOS device that supports AirPlay mirroring, an Apple TV, and a TV.)
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