Production Process
Prepare Data
Please prepare the following data. Details such as sizes, etc. will be sent to you after your order has been placed.
Submit Data
If you have any specific instructions as to the layout of the buttons, etc. please enter this information on the notes field.
Production commences once payment is confirmed
Agree Specification
Please note that any amendments/changes after the specification has been agreed will incur additional fees.
Delivery of new version
Up to 3 amendments/changes are free of charge. Any additional amendments/changes will incur additional fees
Amendments are agreed
Delivery of first version
Submit to AppStore
AppStore Distribution Starts
Apple puts the application through an approval process and then distribution is started. Please see the following important guidelines about the approval of applications.
Prepare the following data
・Booklet Images
・Icon Images
・Information Panel Files (HTML, text or rich text format)
・Audio Files
・Button Images
(not required when presenting the original design plans)
 Details on each file are sent out after your order.

・Layout Design
 Not required when the first version of the layout is left to us to do.

・UUID of Test Devices
 Can only have up to a total of 5 iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches registered test devices.
About Apple's Approval
The application which adopted the framework is passed the Apple’s approval and distributed in AppStore.
Therefore, there should be no reason not to pass the screening other than the contents (such as any violent and/or sexual expression in artworks and/or lyrics).
However, there is always a risk for any application that may not be able to distribute in AppStore because it fails to pass the screening since Apple does not disclose the clear screening guidelines.
In the case that the application is rejected, we will consult with our customer for correction and resubmit it to Apple if the problem is within the fixable area.
Nevertheless it is rejected; we will refund you in full and close the project.
Order / Contact
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